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A Human Approach to Passing.

By GRIT Legal

Simple plans for peace of mind.

Pass in Peace is a simple and personable service designed by GRIT Legal. We help you go through a straightforward process to plan what happens when you pass away and your loved ones are faced with tough decisions.

Our practical approach is designed not just to develop legal documents and clarity, but to ensure that your loved ones understand your wishes and have guidance, at the time when they need it most.

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The canvas is yours to paint.

We develop documents based around what you want, developed with our support. A preliminary series of questions is used to help you decide what is important, and in-person conversations helps us ensure we capture your wishes in a way that is legally valid.  We’ll work with you to periodically review and update your plan so it always reflects your wishes.

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Helping you, and helping your loved ones.

Pass in Peace is different because we focus on people, not just legalities.  The goal is simple. We want to ensure that your loved ones understand your wishes and have guidance at a time when they need it most. When we get our plans in order, we let our loved ones process grief rather than the administration, uncertainty and conflict that can come with an unplanned death. The gift of certainty in moments of great stress is a comfort that we want more people to have access to, Pass in Peace is our way to make a difference.

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